XCoins.io Creates a Platform for Automatically Monitoring Fraud within Bitcoin

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The world of bitcoin has been up and down. The last 12 months have been extremely transitional for bitcoin as the notorious cryptocurrency has gone into a bit of a hibernation. Will it last? The mainstream press has moved towards more immediately satisfying stories as bitcoin slowly sizzles in the background. Late last year, bitcoin hit a bit of a resurgence. The coin was always there, but now the mainstream is gripping onto it once again and people are doing more than dipping their toes into this resilient system.

The crypto industry has been patiently re-allocating resources and shifting in the background as the soft transition took place. XCoins.io has greatly expanded the fraudulent activities and monitoring division of their bitcoin enterprise. The facilities have been expanded into former Google offices in Santa Monica, CA.

What differentiates xCoins.io in the larger bitcoin space? The provider has a system that allows users to gain quick access to the purchase of bitcoin, but many providers offer the same thing. The difference is in authority and credibility. XCoins.io has a fraudulent monitoring system that watches for illegal trades and scams within the bitcoin industry. The monitoring proactively augments data to find exploits and “delete” them from the system. The community also builds a defense and response plan for anything the automated processes miss. On both fronts, xCoins.io creates a system of protecting bitcoin owners.

The monitoring aspect is especially valuable in the wake of what could be seen as a bitcoin Renaissance for 2017. While the mainstream disappeared, many individuals were keeping bitcoin strong and vital. Now that it has resurged, scammers will be jumping at the opportunity. The more people know about it, the more opportunity for exploitation. It is an inevitable component of bitcoin that may forever follow its legacy, which makes xCoins.io operations all the more pertinent. With a seasoned system available for fraud management, there may be no more fraud when you buy bitcoin with credit card. The customer service angle will further assist individuals looking to protect what is shaping up to be one of the most insightful economic investments ever.