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More About Teeth Misalignment in Dogs

Dogs basically originated from wolves. It has been a good experience to have dogs as part of our family as well. Both people and dogs find a companion form each other. Humans consider dogs as their working partners and dogs also do the same. Due to the human breed creation by using selections that are not natural, dogs have really gone through a tough moment. Many health issues that arise in dogs are caused by selective breeding.

One of the common problems is the teeth misalignment. A good indicator of teeth misalignment in dogs is teeth that appears so closely attached in a specific area of the dog’s mouth. The teeth may also push against each other or press the gums. There are certain breed of dogs that are more prone to this condition. If the teeth are overcrowded, they may cause pain to the dog. The dog can either feel a lot of pain or feel no pain completely when the teeth are misaligned.

There are so many things that can be done to solve the problem of teeth misalignment in your dog. It may be challenging to detect misaligned teeth from the dog’s mouth. This is following the fact that it is only a smaller section of the dog’s teeth that may be visible. Some of the signs may include excessive chewing, bad breath and also wincing. The best solution for such problems are constantly brushing the teeth and providing them with dental chews. The dental chews that you give to your dog should be the ones recommended by a professional vet. The exposure of the teeth root may cause the dog certain infections and pain.

Teeth misalignment in dogs is a condition that can be easily treated. First, you should look for a good vet. To know how worse the teeth misalignment in your dog is, the vet will conduct an x-ray. The symptoms will guide the vet into knowing the right treatment to give to the dog. In case there is no pain felt by the dog, the vet will advise you just to check on the dog’s mouth hygiene.

If the dog is able to eat normally, mouth hygiene will be recommended too. If there is need for intervention, the vet will just pull out the specific teeth. However drastic it may be, it makes the most proper way that will make your dog feel better.

Selective breeding might have been the reason behind the misalignment of your fog’s teeth but you can find a way of making things right.