The Benefits Offered by a Police Dog Training Centre

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Dogs that are used for police work require unique training that allows them to become canine law enforcement officers. They are chosen for their personalities and intelligence. Each pup attends a police dog training centre from a very early age. Trainers teach handlers to work with their dogs. Most of the schools also offer classes designed to help dogs become better behaved family members.

Canine Officers Learn to Work With Handlers

Effective police dog training typically includes lessons for the trainer, too. That allows the dog to get comfortable with their trainer, which is important, since they work and live together. Learning as a team also means that trainers are able to perform critical tasks with canine officers. They are taught to work together to detect human tracking, narcotics detection and find hidden objects. Instruction prepares handlers to pass tests which prove they can handle dogs under the most rigorous conditions. For instance, a dog that is given an attack command should stop at its handler’s command. Classes also show dog owners how to continually improve their canine partners’ performance.

Schools Can Also Train Pets

A K9 obedience school uses humane methods that also work well for pets. As a result, most police dog training schools offer obedience classes to all dog owners. Their instructors can help correct behaviors like disobedience, aggressiveness and leash pulling. They show owners how to deal with overactive dogs that never seem to calm down. Teachers can also adapt instruction to low energy pets that are not active. They can even teach rowdy puppies not to chew on owners’ belongings. The goal of classes is get dogs to the point where owners can safely play, walk, exercise or travel with them. Many schools now offer canine taxis. They will pick up and deliver pets. Academies might even offer boarding services and quite a few provide board-and-train programs. Owners can often enroll dogs in classes ranging from 3-day basic training to 20-day programs.

Police dog training schools offer specialty programs that typically include the handlers who live and work with canine officers. Owners learn how to communicate with dogs and dogs learn to obey their handlers in any situation. Many of the facilities also offer a range of obedience classes that are available to pet owners.