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Creating Peace for Conflicts in Families through Family Therapy

Every family has its own growth where each one will learn how to interact with each other in a healthy way and also how to react to the rest of the world. In the process of growing up and living with each other, family conflict sometimes would arise due to uncontrollable situations among themselves, and this is when family therapy would come in to assist the situation.

It is usually evident during family therapy that certain happenings would signal a kind of family growth that may be seen as off to the standard that the family wants to live by. Certain conditions may be happening like a member who is beginning to be irritable and super sensitive, or somebody feeling left out, or someone is in trouble at school for something , and so on. Other incidents of reactions could be like an argument between two people in the family which is becoming a regular thing, or somebody who is turning out to be labelled as a bothersome, and so on.

It is therefore important to find out the reasons underlying the behaviour of the disturber. It cannot be denied that there are underlying reasons why individuals would act the way they are acting, thus they are signalling something of their needs not being met and thus in the process are feeling hurt or frustrated, and this would attest to the observation that people do not act out for no reasons at all.

With all these kinds of examples of family conflicts, there is now a need to input something new like family therapy to solve this concern.

Family therapy is described as a form of psychotherapy with the objective of solving family conflicts through family counselling. Considering that the family is one unit, the technique of family treatment would involve all family members. During the therapy, emphasis is placed on the members who are directly involved in the problem. Among the family issues that will be handled by the family therapist are marriage, divorce, children-parent relationships, family conflicts, depression, addictions and other similar incidents. Be aware that it is family relationships and interaction will be the focus of family therapy. Instead of pinpointing the cause of the conflict, the family therapist will look at the solution of the issue by emphasizing the strength of the family as a whole.

The resolution of conflicts within family members will be resolved through effective communication that the family therapist will help make way and thus gaps are minimized in the process. Situations will be analyzed by the family therapists and if need be, will change the conduct of the members while explaining to them why and how it should be done.

The family therapist will have to conduct regular sessions so that there is importance and willingness among members, to resolve their issues.

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