Some Employers Are Beginning to Understand that Pet Friendly Workplaces Make Them More Competitive

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Whereas some companies today have developed reputations for treating their workers in less than caring ways, others are determinedly heading in the opposite direction. Particularly among smaller businesses headed by passionate leaders, recognition as to the returns that can come from creating a positive workplace environment has been rising steadily.

As those who view it at will see, one frequently overlooked way of making an office more productive and less stressful for workers is to encourage employees to bring their pets to work with them. With the company that put out the report practicing the same approach, the real world results speak for themselves.

Pets Help Make Modern Offices More Hospitable, Comfortable, and Pleasant

Few people are able to perform at their best when made to feel unwanted, stressed out, or neglected. That basic realization might be thought to be of obvious interest to office managers and executives everywhere, but it often goes overlooked.

For those who understand how helping employees feel more at home can make them more productive and loyal, however, there are some especially accessible and effective ways of following through on this connection. With dogs, cats, and other pets making so many of their owners feel happier and more content, allowing them to be brought into work can produce impressive dividends.

Many Benefits Stem From the Simple, Enjoyable Company of Pets

Pets who have a presence in modern workplaces deliver benefits of many important kinds. Some of the most significant include boosts to:

  • Morale: People simply feel happier and more confident around pets, and those feelings translate into more positive attitudes regarding work. Even when stress and pessimism might normally prevail, a few minutes spent with a beloved dog can easily improve the morale of its owner or another person.
  • Productivity: Individuals who feel better inevitably do a better job of achieving their work-related goals. While some employers worry that workers will become overly distracted if their pets are around in the office, this rarely turns out to be an issue.
  • Stress resistance: Pets have a way of putting problems in perspective, and that tends to dilute and divert stress. That alone can matter a great deal.

With so many benefits to be enjoyed, more employers are starting to look into this option. For those who do, becoming more competitive can easily be the result.