Safe and Reliable Medicine From A Dispensary

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Medical marijuana is something that’s gotten a lot of attention in the past few years. This plant was once considered just as bad as heroin or methamphetamine. Now, medical marijuana is considered one of the best alternative medicines for everyone from cancer patients to those who suffer from sleeplessness. Medical care providers are now seeing how this plant can treat a variety of ailments and medical conditions. Best of all, cannabis in a non-addictive substance unlike many of the drugs prescribed by doctors.

As a growing force in the medical world, cannabis has become a very lucrative substance. By visiting a dispensary, patients will be able to choose between several different strains or some of the various concentrates available. The many strains of cannabis available contain different levels of the alkaloids in tetrahydrocannabinol. Alkaloids are the chemicals contained in plants that allow them to act as medicine. Different levels of alkaloids in the various strains of cannabis means they will have slightly different effects. This is why particular strains are prescribed for different ailments.

Depending on the problem patients are trying to treat a different strain will be prescribed. For those who need a stronger dosage or prefer to take smaller doses in general, concentrates are recommended. The average grade of cannabis contains anywhere from five to fifteen percent THC, whereas medical grade cannabis contains upwards of fifty percent. Concentrates have as much as ninety-eight percent THC content. The difference is phenomenal. Patients will feel the different right away when sampling the three different options.

Anyone interested in safe and reliable medication should visit their physician and apply for a medical marijuana card. After the card has been provided, the patient will need to visit a local clinic for the medicine to be legally provided. It’s best to take some time and talk to the experts to find the best strain. Each patient is different, so it’s best to sample a few strains and concentrates before deciding. In any case, medical grade cannabis is recommended since there’s no telling what was used in strains that are certified by a laboratory.