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Grooming Tips for a Healthy Dog

Grooming a dog is a very vital aspect of raising a dog. This is on top of ensuring that the dog gets a healthy diet and ample time for exercising. Well groomed and fed dogs are not only healthy but also good looking. The attractiveness of a dog gives the owner great satisfaction. Many people however opt to wait for very long before grooming their dogs. It is not advisable to follow this trend. Groom the dog regularly even if it is small steps at a time.

How should one groom a dog? Well, the first one is brushing of the dog. Regular brushing of dog coats is of paramount importance. Dog coats should however be brushed based on the size of the coat. Short coated dogs can be brushed weekly. Short coats can be brushed well using rubber brushes and bristle brushes consecutively. For long coats, more regular and specialized brushing is important. Long coat tangles are common on long coats of dogs hence the need to use slicker brushes to remove the tangles.

Brushing is the ideal time for checking for tick infestation on the dog’s coat. If you find ticks, use a good method of prevention and eradication. The last thing is an emphasis on ensuring that tails and feet are not forgotten during brushing. Among ideal places for tick infestation are feet and tails. Ensure ticks are eradicated by using appropriate tick prevention for dogs methods.

One should bath a dog at regular intervals. The frequency of bathing a dog depends on factors such as weather conditions and activities that the dog is involved in. Use lukewarm water to bath the dog after brushing the coat. Use dog shampoo to reduce chances of irritation of the dog’s skin. The dog can be well distracted using toys for easy bathing. Proper rinsing helps to avoid irritation. Low heat blow dryers can also be used to dry the dog. It is at the bathing stage that you can observe ears in a bid to notice any infection.

Nail trimming is another grooming step that people ignore. Nail trimming can be done weekly or when the nails grow too long. Ensure to give the dog a treat after nail cutting since dogs hate nail cutting. Ensure that when doing it you are steady when holding the foot but do not use too much energy to cause the dog discomfort. Cut a small bit of the nail at a time and stop in case you cut a spongy part. Use a nail cauterizer or even styptic powder to stop any bleeding. If these grooming tips are observed your dog will be healthier, happier and will be noticeable in public.