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How to Solve Canine Anorexia

Dogs normally have uncontrolled desire for food.It displays uncontrolled urge to eat as you prepare itseatfood.It is, therefore, an unpleasant surprise to see that your dog is not eating.The condition that leads to dog’s lack of appetite is referred to as canine anorexiaIt can worry any dog’s owner when the animal does not seem to have doesappetite for food.

The First thing to do is to find out what leads to this kind of a condition. There may be many reasons that lead to your dog’s lose lead appetite. Some of those causes are easy to deal with.On the other hand there are those that cannot be solved quickly.However if you can know the possible causes of these problems, you these now to work towards solving them.There are several causes of this disease.Some of the causes are mentioned in the following article.

One of the causes of the problem is environmental.When the dog is subjected to abrupt changes it becomes depressed as well as anxious.Things like different meals or home moving may cause severe reactions to the animal.When a member of the family dies, or the person who takes the animal round is changed abruptly, the change may cause the animal react in this manner.Depression, stress or anxiety may lead to the lack of appetite.

Eating dirty things or non-food substances like plastics may cause the animal to have some complications.Rotten food gathered by the canine may make it develop some complications.Some other times it could be the issue with the teeth.Some common problems that cause the animal not to eat include mouth trauma, teeth cavities, and teeth misalignment among others.A dog that has dental difficulties may have problems when chewing.

Once you discover the reasons for the problem you can begin to figure out how to deal with them.Start by finding out if the dog really wants the food or not.Immediate sinking from the food after tasting may tell you the problem is not lack of appetite.You can make the food very appealing and watch how the dog will react.You can entice the pet by heating the food a bit or serving something else.From the reaction of your pet you will be able topet know whether the problem is appetite or not.You can guess whether the issue is the mouth or something else.

The be next thing after you watch the canine is to take it to a vet.The Vet should take the necessary tests like the blood work,the ultra sound or x-ay.Establishing the problem leads to better treatment.Canine anorexia does not only disturb the dog, but also the owner as butwell and treating it gives you peace of mind.It is important to let your dog visit the vet for both checkups and treatment.You will have fewer issues with your pet